Meet CARLOS GORINA – A triathlete from Barcelona who trains hard to reach his goals


Carlos 2

Name: Carlos Gorina

Age: 30

City and country: Barcelona, Spain

Profession: Digital Marketing & Media Strategy Consultant

Your mission statement: “Pain is temporary. Winning is forever.”

Instagram: @goritri


Twitter: @goritri

Snapchat: jou42


Carlos 8

Carlos Gorina motivates and inspires his followers on Instagram and Facebook daily with his uplifting posts and captivating photos. Some of the messages he posts are as follows:

 “The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure!”

“Without a solid foundation, you will have trouble creating anything of value!”

“The miracle isn’t finishing. The miracle is to have the courage to start!”

These messages are complimented by a photo of Carlos, where we see him in various stages of his workout: warming up before running, cycling on a hill, running by the beach, or stretching in the gym. He not only trains to stay fit, but also to be ready for the triathlons he competes in.

His exercise regimen is certainly working because he is aesthetically fit, and he knows how to maintain himself healthy.

We wanted to find out more about this young and good-looking Spaniard who calls Barcelona home, and we were glad when he accepted to be interviewed by us.

Carlos 3

To start out, please tell us briefly about your background, where you were born, where you went to school, your family, your hobbies or interests, anything else that you want to share with the readers.

I was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. Through my entire childhood and until I was 16, I studied at a Catholic private school. My mother is from Zaragoza and my dad from Barcelona. They met while skiing in the Pyrenees. My sister is 4 years younger than me, and she is about to graduate from architecture school at La Salle in Barcelona. I love to hang out with my friends, to travel, and to listen to music during my free time. Moreover, I like to be healthy and fit every month of the year; I’m very demanding of myself.

Carlos 4

You have participated in several triathlon events in both Spain and the United States.  What inspired you to be a triathlete?

During my childhood and younger years I practiced all kinds of sports; from alpine skiing to American football, also soccer, tennis, track and field, hockey and wrestling. However, what inspired me the most about triathlons is the internal “fight” I have mentally and physically, during not only the races, but also during some practices.

Carlos 5

How do you train both mentally and physically for these events?

After so many years of training and developing my own mental strategy for the events, I came up with the best solution for it. And even though it’s pretty hard to do, I need to end every single practice happy and with a smile. Because of that, sometimes I end up swimming longer or cut my runs earlier – it always depends on my daily mood. Like I said, the most important thing to me is to finish those practices in a happy mood.

It’s so unpredictable that you need to be mentally ready as well, in order to hold some of the stages at the triathlons.

Carlos 9

What foods do you eat to stay looking so fit, and which ones do you avoid? Do you also drink a lot of water or other special drinks?

I tried every single diet that you can imagine. However, the one that helps me the most and helps me to get the times I train for is the Paleo Diet during the week, and carb loading on Friday and Saturday for the longer rides. The amount of water I drink is directly related to the weekly hours of training and the month of the year. After trying different energy and recovery drinks I decided to keep it simple and have what works the best for me; drinks high on potassium, vitamins, and minerals.

Carlos 6

Do you take any supplements? Why or why not?

I love when people ask me this. It is hard to explain, but when I took supplements I sensed like if the communication between my mind and body was lost, and somehow blocked by energy and adrenaline that I could not fully control, and that’s why I rather not take any supplements. While growing up I took supplements such as protein, creatine, and similar ones, but none of those gave me a real and defined benefit, so I stopped using them. The world of exercise supplements is full of lies, and shortcuts don’t exist in my dictionary.

Carlos 7

What would your advice be to someone that wants to start competing in triathlons?

Triathlons are not as any other sport. I mainly would advise them to be constant, even if they don’t feel like waking up at 5am and going swimming, or doing a brick workout during the weekend. Triathlon is one of the sports where you can excel at the most because you swim, bike and run, and that gives you triple option to increase your skills and become more efficient mentally. Less is more.

What is the most rewarding achievement you have had as a triathlete so far?

The hardest race I was able to finish wasn’t a triathlon but a 50 miler in South Florida. I ran that race just a few weeks after my first Ironman and while mentally I was prepared, it wasn’t the case physically. Even then I was able to hold the pain and finish the run with a total time of a little over 12 hours.

Even though that race was almost a torture, I enjoyed it like crazy. I have to say that the real achievements I get the most rewarding out of are the long bike rides and the brick workouts. The feeling I get once I start running out of the bike, it’s just unbelievable. Sometimes in order to follow my plan I just need to cut the workout earlier.

Carlos 10

Changing to another subject, tell us about your profession as a Digital Marketing and Media Strategy Consultant and what your goals are in that industry.

After so many years working in the marketing department of different companies and agencies, I decided to become a freelance consultant by having my own clients. It’s true that by doing that I need to control more of my spending and so on. However, I have full control over my schedule.

My goal is to get up to 30 clients and manage all of their digital and media strategies. I believe that with the experience I’ve got in the States and now in Europe, I can give a 360° product to all of them. The mindset that I use on them is new and only a few multinationals are implementing marketing automation on their websites to get a better CRM; which is the key of any business.

Another interesting thing about you is that you came to the United States for high school and college. Tell us about that experience and what led you back to Spain.

I moved to Wisconsin when I was 17 years old, my junior year of high school.  I loved it so much that I ended up graduating there. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to apply at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, so I did and I was accepted. Once I graduated with a double major – Mass Communication and Marketing Management – I decided to move to South Florida, since a decade in the Midwest was enough for me. While living in Miami I had the opportunity to work at a small agency as a Digital Marketing Specialist, and it wasn’t until when my OPT Visa expired and my boss didn’t extend my working visa that my 11 years in the US came to an end. Now, I hope I can go back to the States someday.

Carlos 1

What is your next goal or challenge?

As of right now I have the Barcelona Ironman and a few smaller races which I still need to decide if I’ll participate in. I’m not a normal triathlete; I go as I feel; which normally I end up doing two to three races per year. I listen to my body, and depending on how I feel and the way I’m performing, I register for the races.

Also, my biggest challenge will be next year since I’ll be training for a 100 miler. But that won’t be until 2018 or so.

Is there any final message that you want to share with the readers?

Just one: follow your own ideas and do what truly works for you!

Thank you Carlos for taking the time to share your story with us and we know that you have inspired many who have read this interview. We wish you continuous success in your future triathlons as well as in your digital marketing and media strategy career. And we hope to see you back in the United States soon, as well.

(All photos courtesy of lcii) 



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