An Exclusive Interview with Personal Trainer ANTHONY MENDEZ

Anthony 6

(Photo by Kevin Rivera)

Name: Anthony Mendez of Mendez Fitness/ MFPRO


 Age: 24

City and state: Miami, FL

Profession: Health & Fitness Professional / Personal Trainer

Mission statement:

My mission is to create a movement with everyone coming together to be part of something great. I don’t like seeing so many divided groups. Why not bring everyone together and do something big and be all an example for others? Showing other people they can be and do what they want in life, but it takes a team effort!

Anthony 3

(Photo by Kevin Rivera)

If you follow Anthony Mendez on Instagram, then you certainly have been exposed to his amazing training videos. With high-intensity music and stunning scenes from different hot spots around Miami, this young personal trainer is making a name for himself in the fitness industry with these videos.  It helps that he is muscular, good-looking, and sports a beard that gives him a distinctive rugged appearance.  He is extremely energized in the videos, and many people have noticed their high-quality and uniqueness, and this sets him apart from all other trainers.

We wanted to know more about Anthony and his personal training business, so we asked him to be the very first personal trainer that we interview here at Fitness World Celebrity.

Anthony 2

 (Photo by Kevin Rivera)

Tell us briefly about you – your background, where you went to school, your family, your hobbies or interests. And tell us anything else that you want to share with the readers so they can get to know you better. 

Well, I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and my parents are Antonio Mendez and Irene Groba. My dad was born in New York and he came to Miami at the age of seven, and his parents were born in Cuba. My mom was born in Havana, Cuba and she left at the age of three. Her parents are also Cuban.

I consider myself Cuban-American since I was raised with a mixture of both the Cuban and American cultures.  I went to Catholic private school all my life, first at Good Shepherd Catholic School from Pre-K to 8th grade, and then Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School from 9th grade to 12th grade. I am currently attending Miami Dade College pursuing a Business degree.

My hobbies and interests are diverse which range from outdoor activities, working out (part of my profession as well), traveling, playing and watching sports – specifically football, basketball, and baseball. I enjoy doing a lot of my workouts outdoors, incorporating my environment and the tools I use for training.

Every now and then I enjoy eating at a good restaurant, trying new foods. I can’t lie – I do love food. I can also say that filming has become both a great hobby and work of mine. I love the creative side of what I do and how I present it to my viewers. I enjoy the manner in which I have to piece and edit the videos, together with my business partner, Kevin Rivera, who truly makes a lot of this creative work happen.

I would also like to say that although I have come this far, I am still a long way from achieving what I want to achieve. Things do not come easy, and things are not created only on your own. Through the process you will see the amount of time, effort, and consistency you must put day in and day out to create something special. My work has been a combination of both my partner and I attacking everyday fighting for that goal. Also with collaborations with others, we are making things happen. I want to let everyone know not to be afraid to seek help. Help is needed because we do not know it all. Form a team or partnership with someone who can help you, and you can help them. Help that person succeed and you will succeed. At the end of the day don’t live your last years in this world regretting what you could have done. Start with what you have because what you have is enough. And little by little, you work harder to invest into your business to obtain other things you need. Just start!

Anthony 8

(Photo by Kevin Rivera)

What motivated you to become involved in the fitness industry?

What truly motivated me to be involved in the fitness industry was that it was something that I knew I could do, because I had a sports background. Growing up I was always confused as to what I wanted to do and be. All I knew was that I was good in sports, at being active, and working out. I wanted to avoid being unhealthy, and I truly loved helping others in whatever it could be.

During the last months of my senior year in high school, I knew I needed a job and I got my first job at Bally Total Fitness as a Personal Trainer. During this time, I was just looking at my job as a temporary thing while I finished school. As the years went by, I saw myself becoming more mature, and I held different personal training jobs at Ballys, LA Fitness, and then I was fortunate to be hired by Equinox and had the opportunity to attend the exclusive Equinox Academy in New York, which was an incredible experience. After I completed my training at the academy, I returned to Miami to work at the Equinox in Coral Gables. It was then when I realized that I had something exceptional going for me – I truly enjoyed doing this and I could make something special of it.

Seeing how the fitness industry was booming, I knew this was something extraordinary. After working at Equinox for two and a half years and building up my social media, I then started forming my own business. This was a personal goal that I’ve always wanted to achieve. The months went by and I realized that things weren’t working for me at Equinox anymore, and that my mission was complete there. I left because I knew that at that moment was when I needed to do it.   I am now focused on my own personal training business and sportswear line.

Anthony 4

(Photo by Kevin Rivera)

What do you specialize in? 

I have many certifications and I have a well-rounded knowledge on my many styles of training. But my true specialization, I would say is a nontraditional style of training. I love to do a lot of functional training, circuit training, and just constant movement. I’m a true believer in just moving the body constantly. We are meant to move and that is key to healing. As I like to say -Movement Heals!

I can say another big component would be regeneration as well, added to my training: trigger point, foam rolling, and recommended deep tissue massages – I recommend these to be weekly or at least twice a month.

Anthony 5

(Photo by Kevin Rivera)

Can you share with us the workout routine you normally follow every week? 

My routines vary depending on my goals and the clients goals. But I can say that I create programs that involve resistance training, 3-D loaded movement and unloaded, cardiovascular training, and functional as well (workout done to imitate everyday life movements). Depending on the person, functional can be different for everyone.

My programs work through something called the ‘4 quadrant model’- it’s training in all 4 quadrants: loaded linear, unloaded linear, loaded movement training, and unloaded movement conditioning.

To be well-rounded it’s important to have a balanced-program style attacking all training types in the different quadrants.

Anthony 10

(Photo by Kevin Rivera)

What is the number one advice you would give to someone who wants to become fit and healthy? 

 My number one advice I would give someone who wants to become fit and healthy is to first ask yourself – Is this something I’m ready to begin right now? That’s because the first thing to achieving something and doing it, is making sure you’re completely certain about it. No doubts, no maybes, and no I will try. It’s a question to yourself – Am I ready now to make this change? If you’re not, that’s ok too. You will come back to that question a few weeks later and ask yourself again Am I ready for this life changing challenge? And deep down you will know if you are. And if you say yes, then go to a doctor to review your current health levels, do some research, and just start.

Anthony 9

(Photo by Kevin Rivera)

What is your greatest accomplishment so far, and what are you looking forward to next? 

I would say that my greatest accomplishment so far would be starting my own business and a partnership with my friend. I can truly say now that I am my own boss, and I have my business. It’s on me now to make things run right. What I am looking for next is growth, new experiences, and being an influence now to others.

We want to thank Anthony for allowing us to interview him and for being the very first interview we conduct here at Fitness World Celebrity. We also want to mention that he owns a line of fitness apparel – MOTIVE – and you see him wearing some them on his videos and photos.

Visit the website and get your workout apparel now:

And you MUST check out his website where he has his exclusive training videos that will help get you in the best shape possible.

Follow Anthony on Instagram: @MendezFitness, and his business partner Kevin Rivera @rivera

And on Facebook:

And finally on Snap Chat: mendez1192

These are all of the certifications that Anthony has, which is quite impressive:


-New York Equinox Academy

(Personal Training)




-Tap or Snap Strength & Conditioning Fighter Coach

– Pre/Post Natal

– Animal Flow

– Kettle-bell Lvl. 1

– Vipr

– FMS Lvl. 1 & 2

– Trigger Point

– Precision Nutrition


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