Fitness World Celebrity – Jaco de Bruyn


Jaco de Bruyn is one of the most in demand muscle models in the world. He is also a personal trainer who has a very successful online business. His Instagram account says that he was named as World Fitness Male Role Model of the Year 2016.

This South African native has made himself known in the fitness industry worldwide.

He has over 800K followers on Instagram and you can follow him @jacodbruyn.


“My workout routine is nothing special really; I am a firm believer in training one body part a day just to give that 100% attention to a specific muscle. I also do change my program every 8 weeks so that my body doesn’t get use to the same routine over and over. I always try to go my heaviest with each set but my main focus is always keeping perfect form.”

(Interview by

His website is where you can see all the training products he offers.


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